Trade terms and claims...

Purchase order and purchase agreement

Ordering our product (filling in and sending the form, or ordering by phone or email) the buyer confirms that he/she agrees with the trade terms and purchase agreement.

The order is a proposal of the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement originates with the bilateral confirmation between the buyer and the seller (by phone or email). The validity condition of the Internet purchase order is filling up all the indications needed.

The price of the product including the transport is marked in the order. The place of delivery is the address mentioned in the form. The law property passes to the buyer providing the payment of product and its undertaking.

The product consignment

  1. Term of delivery
    • 7 days from the confirmation of the purchase order
  2. Way of transport
    1. cash on delivery
    2. possibility to pick it up personally after arrangement

Avoidance of contract

According to the paragraph no. 6 of the Civil code 367/20070 the buyer has the right to abdicate the purchase order in a period of 14 days after receiving the product. If he/she decides so it is necessary to return the not damaged (without signs of attrition) product in the original pack in the settled period (important is the date of consignation). After receiving the product back the seller must return the money back in a period of max. 10 days.

Warranty conditions and claims

  1. The warranty length is 36 moths in accordance with law. It starts the day the buyer obtains the product and this period is extended by the time of warranty repairs.
  2. The guaranteed warranty period of 36 months is valid only for final users not for businessmen who buy the product for other business. In this case the warranty length is set by the importers to the Czech Republic.
  3. Eventual claims will be handled according to the claim regulations of the online shop and the law valid in the Czech Republic.
  4. Claim the product directly with the manufacturer
  5. Its possible to claim the product according to the claim regulations on
  6. The exchange or return of money is possible only in case you return the product in the original conditions with the whole equipment in a not damaged cover.
  7. Send the products to claim with the original cover. The conveyor is not responsible for wrongly packed consignments.

Final regulations

  1. These trade terms are valid the way they are presented on the internet pages of the seller the day the buyer sends the purchase order.
  2. Sending the online purchase order the buyer agrees all the trade terms, the valid price of the product in the catalogue on the online shop if it was not settled in other way.
  3. The participants agreed with the meaning of § 262 paragraph 1 of the commercial code that if it is not settled in other way their rights and obligations are directed by the commercial code mostly by the § 409 and followings.
  4. These regulations are valid from 1st January 2007



Claim regulations

  1. Warranty conditions
    • Buyers are required to check the goods and without any unnecessary delay (no later than the following day after accepting the goods) inform the seller about detected defects. Later claims will not be taken into account.
    • In case of personal pickup, the buyer is required to check the goods upon accepting and report any defects that are in plain sight to the seller. Defects that will be reported later will not be considered by the seller.
    • The guarantee period is 36 months and starts running by taking delivery. The guarantee is extended for a period during which the product is being repaired in authorized service station. If the product is to be replaced the buyer will receive a new certificate of warranty containing serial numbers of both the old product and the replacement. Further sales returns will be processed on account of this certificate of warranty.
  2. Claim liquidation
    • If at any time during the guarantee period the buyer discovers a product defect that was not caused by inappropriate use, he or she has the right to claim sales return. Sales returns can be claimed in one of the following ways:
    • After receiving the report on the defects the seller shall be obliged to inform the buyer promptly (within two working days at the latest) about the steps to be taken depending on the nature of the goods, namely the site, where the defective goods shall be delivered.
    • The goods should be sent back in an original package, or equivalent, that will ensure proper protection of the product. In order for the sales return to be carried out correctly, it is recommended, that the buyer supplies the tax document (invoice) and the certificate of warranty.
    • If the defect detected is repairable, the product will be repaired. Otherwise it will be replaced. Sales return, including correction of the defect, will be carried out without any unnecessary delays, within 30 days from placing the claim, unless both the seller and the buyer arrange otherwise.
    • Sales return cannot be claimed in following cases:
      1. damage to the protective seals and stickers, if present
      2. inappropriate installation, use or operation that does not comply to to the operations manual
      3. damage caused by natural disaster
      4. damaged caused by excessive straining or use in violation with operations manual.
      5. damage caused by plugging into electrical networks that do not comply to the relevant CSN standard.
  3. Final provisions
    • This document is effective as of January the 1st. 2007. Information in this document is subject to change without previous notice.

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