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You hold the handle onto the head in way it points caudal. You hold a lock of hair among your fingers (best between the second and third).

Vytváření loken, loknovač.cz

You turn the lock of hair around the curling iron so it doesn’t twist and stays flat. Imagine you are rolling a wide gibbon and you don’t want it to be crossed.

Vytváření loken, loknovač.cz

You wind the hair round carefully till the end. Be cautious not to touch the warmed part od the curling iron with your hand.

Vytváření loken, loknovač.cz

Once you roll it up till the end we put the curling iron away. If you don’t want to damane the curl you have to pull the curling iron out like a tube in nose-up direction.

Making curles is easy but as in case of everything new you have to find the right way to do it. Some of you may learn really fast and some slowly. We recommend everyone who has no experiences with the curling iron to try it first on a friend because during learning is easier to make curles to somebody else than to yourself in front of a mirror. It is better to try the moves first with the cold curling iron.

If you want to add some curles to your hairstyle you will be able to do it after practicing. In case of a complete curly hairstyle you will have to ask a friend or a related to help you as it starts from bellow and back as you can see in the pictures.

It is necessary to comb out the whole hair and put a clip or band on it. You begin on the back side and you always leave a lock of hair for a row of curles so the hair doesn’t cross. When you make curles on the whole head we recommend to put hairspray on every row of curles you make, it will last longer. You go step by step in direction of the fringe. If the tips look untidy you just put some gel or cera to fix it. This kind of hairstyle will survive a ball, wedding or another social event and even some days after your hair will be curly. It depends also on the type of hair you have.

You can use the curling iron for silky, strong, dense, thin, hard, wavy hair or even your children’s hair. Thanks to a short time warming the curling iron does not damage or dry you hair as the curling-tongs. That is the main reason why this kind of hairstyle lasts on every kind of hair. First you need to try what is the thickness of the locks you need to use for one curl and then it is easy and funny.

It is better to have dry and clean hair before you start. Any kind of setting-lotion , cera or gel is not recommended. It is a way to save your hair. The curling iron is not able to adjust better your hair with any lotions. The heat causes the curles and does not dry the hair like the curling tongs does, it keeps the shape and the hairstyle lasts.

The style of making curles from the roots to the tips is more regardful than the curling-tongs because as you know while creating curles you catch the lock of hair in a clips and you roll it up in direction to the roots. That means that the roots are exposed to the biggest heat for the longest time. This can cause broken tips. On the contrary while curling your hair you start with the roots and the tips are warmed just for a while at the end. You dont roll the hair at each other but you create a spiral and that is the reason why you dont have to šand your hair for so long to make curles. Creating curles is a frugal hair setting. You dont have to damage your hair with the perm that at the end could bring a completely different result than you expected and your hair needs a long time regeneration.

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