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What is the difference between the curling-tongs and the curling iron?

What is the difference between the curling-tongs and the curling iron? The Curling Iron does not have any clips, the hair is curled from the root to the end. Instead of making cascades you curl the hair into a spiral and this way you don’t overburn the tips because you put them just for a while at the end of the action. This is the reason why the curling iron is more hair-wary than a curling-tongs. You need only few seconds for warming and curling the hair so they don’t get re-dried as in the case of curling-tongs and the hairstyle lasts.

Do the Curling Iron overburn the hair?

The Curling Iron doesn’t damage you hair the only thing you need to do is to follow the instruction. The surface of the Curling Iron is covered by teflon, the hair is warmed just for a while so there is no reason to be afraid. It is not convenient to use any kind of setting-lotions or hairsprays before you use the Curling Iron.

Is the Curling Iron appropriate also for small kids?

Our Curling Iron is appropriate for adults but also for small kids. You must keep in mind that any kind of hair warming shouldn’t be done every day. If you want to curl your little lady for a special occasion or just for school you don’t have to be worried.

Where is the Curling Iron switch?

There isn’t one. You turn the Curling Iron on by connecting it. You wait few minutes and then it is ready to be used.

Does it have a thermoregulator?

No it doesn’t because there is no need. The heater element is self-regulating and when it achieves the temperature needed it keeps the same warmness.

Where is the Curling Iron produced? Can I get it in a shop?

The Curling Iron is a czech product produced in small series and that is why it is so high-quality. Nevertheless you can’t buy it in common shops. You can buy it on trade fairs, expositions or showroom events where we present the Curling Iron. You can buy it on the internet (cash on delivery). There is a possibility to deliver the goods in Prague after an agreement.

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